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Test comment after all previous comments were inadventently deleted.


I've updated the images of Iceland. They are included here as Iceland an effect on me comperable to the one sailing always does...


I have added the photo album "Various Sailing Images", which contains all photos which are not part of a specific series. I put them in there as I come across them.


Congratulations on becoming an official shipowner. The adventure begins!

May your winds always be fair, the seas frriendly, the crew of
Spirit compatible, and the beer cold!


Thank you, Earlaiman. You and your better-half will always be welcome on board Spirit.

Langkawi awaits!


Spirit! I visited SE Asia in the spring; almost boat a boat in Jakarta, kept looking out at the sea from Phuket and wondering why no-one was sailing out there -
Do you ever need crew? Would love an opportunity to get to know those waters -
Please use my email?


Hello LightKeeper! I'll be flying down to Langkawi on Friday and will head north from there to Phuket. Crew is always welcome. I'll get in touch with you.

Best regards,

2009 02 10


Hi is spirit for sale?

I have seen her sitting the yard for the last 5 years.

Contact me tomcracknell1010@gmail.com

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